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Here\'s what some of our clients have had to say about the Davis® program...

"You can\'t put a price tag on this program." - Mother of Reading Quest client.

Lesa, We\'ve talked about words all week, but I can\'t think of any that would express my gratefulness. The transformation in Stephen is amazing. The program is wonderful, but it could only do so much. Having you as our teacher has made a world of difference. We appreciate all that you have done for our family. Stephen\'s life will never be the same.
Thank you, Belinda

I am a mother of two boys, ages 11 and 15, with dyslexia. I have tried many programs in the past with limited sucess. My boys have also attended Oakland school in Va. Oakland is a small private school for children with learning differences. While oakland is a wonderful school and the boys did have success there, they still struggled in areas of reading, comprehension and math. - had no idea this was related to dyslexia or that they even had dyslexia until I researched and found Lesa and Reading Quest. After an evaluation Lesa explained that they both were dyslexic and had a lot of confusion which was typical of individuals with dyslexia. She explained the week long, intense program that involved working with clay and other techniques to help with the confusion and open the channels necessary for learning. I had tried almost every phonetical program available when I discovered Reading Quest. I chose Reading Quest because it was different. I knew my boys were not able to go through another phonetically based program. It was a totally different approach and we were ready for different. Reading Quest was the best choice I have ever made for my childrens education. Within a week they had moved up a grade level. Within a month they had both moved up several grade levels. Their success has given the them back the confidence they had lost through years of struggling. My 15 year old is now at Hargrave Military Academy, a college prep school. I received his progress report today and he has 3 A\\\\'s and 3 B\\\\'s. He has a 94 average in English Literature, which is a complete miracle. My 11 year old continues to make significant strides. I am homeschooling him for an additional year to catch up the year lost. Both boys still have to work hard but they have discovered a new way of learning which has been amazing for them both academically and for their personal self esteem. I cannot say enough about Lesa and the work she does. She truly cares about her clients and makes every effort to create success for them. I woild encourage anyone who is struggling themselves or has a child struggling to try Lesa\\\\'s Davis approach. I truly believe you will receive amazing results and you will have no regrets. A very happy parent, Susan Price

"Dear Ms. Lesa, This letter is for helping me with reading and writing.  Before I did not know how to read and write, but now I know how to read and write.  I am thankful." Sincerely, Patrick.
Age 11

"After years of trying homework sessions with Lexi, I realized something was seriously wrong. It was very frustrating to her and myself. A friend told me about Reading Quest. I wasn\'t very convinced, since the school she was at, kept slipping her through the cracks. But I truly needed help. Meeting Lesa was the best thing that ever happened to Lexi and our family. She assessed her within a few hours. We did the program and what a difference. Lexi is a different child. Lesa was very calm and understanding. Her teaching methods are A+. Lexi not only is reading at her grade level, but she understands what she is reading. If she doesn\'t understand something she knows what questions to ask. Reading Quest and Lesa have saved Lexi years of frustration and tears. Thank you Lesa. You truly do not have any idea what you have done for Lexi and her confidence. We are forever indebted to you and Reading Quest."

"My 5th grade son connected so quickly with Lesa. She truly made the effort to understand how he saw the world and to adapt a program to allow him to understand what he was seeing. He was reading well below age and grade level and we had almost accepted that reading for him would be survival based, and he would never experience the pleasure my wife and I receive from a good book. Well, a few weeks ago he asked me if I had ever read "The Red Badge of Courage," and if he could ask me some questions about it. He was halfway through and his comprehension was incredible, but more impressive was how much he was enjoying just reading, and instead of receiving information, he was living the story. The difference was the week he spent with Lesa learning about his unique and incredible way of interpreting words and information. He still practices many of the exercises she taught him, though quite honestly most are now second nature to him and fully integrated into his daily routine." - Father of Reading Quest client

"My 11 year old daughter recently finished the week long Davis Dyslexia program at Reading Quest. It was such an inspiring week! My child has dyslexia and ADD. She really connected to Mrs. Hall and we fell in love with her passion and commitment. She was shown how she learned and how to recognize disorientation. After that aha moment she continued to understand the tools to be oriented. I would do this all over again if all we gained was the restoration of her self-esteem but, we came away with so much more than that ..... A NEW BEGINNING OF HER BEST LIFE!!!" - Mother of Reading Quest client

"Lesa has made a tremendous difference in my son using the Davis program. He now has confidence that he never had before working with Lesa. He doesn\\\\'t complain about school and has actually started enjoying reading. He enjoyed working with Lesa and even wanted to see if she could homeschool him. She found things that interested him and helped him relate his interests in the program, therefore he became even more motivated. We could see an immediate change in his attitude and his self esteem after completing the program. This program works and is an excellent investment!!" - Mother of Reading Quest client.

"This is such an AWESOME program! We are VERY pleased with our daughter\'s results. She began her program reading at an 8th grade level and by the end of the week she is now at a 10th grade (independent reading) level! It is simply AMAZING! Her confidence and self-esteem are off the charts! She\\\\'s actually looking forward to returning to school. We feel so blessed to have found Lesa Hall and having her work with our family. Reading Quest WORKS!!!" - Mother of Reading Quest client.

"I have never heard Sha\'Ney read with so much confidence and understand what she was reading.  She\'s never been this excited about reading." - Mother of Reading Quest client

"I\'ve never seen Connie sit still that long for a task. Her reading is much smoother." - Mother of Reading Quest client

"You have enabled Devin to have a life I never thought possible." - Mother of Reading Quest client

At Reading Quest, clients learn how to master abstract words and concepts. Using clay is a fun and creative way to learn!

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It is never too late to overcome dyslexia! The Davis® programs are highly effective for adults, too!

Professional services described as Davis®, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery®, Davis Orientation Counseling®, and Davis Math Mastery® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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